Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Etsy Favorites: Kitty Edition

I've decided to start a new "feature" on this blog, one highlighting my Etsy Favorites, cool Etsy finds, and awesome Etsy deals from awesome Etsy shops. I do a lotalotalot of looking around on Etsy, partly because of my research, and partly from boredom at work, and partly because I just like shopping on the site because there are so many cool shops! I also do buy frequently from other sellers.

So for my first "Etsy Faves" post, I decided to feature my favorite kitty items. Because I  have a terrible weakness for kittens and cats and all things feline. :)

Note: All photos are used with permission. I don't steal photos; and neither should anyone else!

I adore this shirt! This is on my Christmas gift list for my husband. Well, the guy's version of it. From RCTEES. For every "Real Men Love Cats" tee shirt sale this month, RCTEES is donating $2.00 to  Much Love Animal Rescue. Awesome!

This necklace is "purrfect"!! From Life Is Rosy. I'd love to find this one in my stocking on Christmas morning!

How cute is this necklace?! Too cute, I say! From Melissa Poe.

This photograph is just precious. And like the tee shirt above, a portion of all sales from this go to a cat rescue facility. From Sandra Lynn's on Etsy.

Thanks to all the sellers featured here who gave me permission to use their images for this post.

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Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

I love that you are a crazy cat-lady, too.

I agree, that tee is AWESOME!