Monday, July 16, 2012

Vintage Button Charm Bracelets

Two more designs featuring vintage and antique buttons. The top bracelet is gold tone, mother or pearl and brown themed; the bottom bracelet is black, white, mother of pearl and gold tone themed.
I will be running out of buttons at the rate I am going.

PS - the postcard I have been featuring in my photographs of my jewelry is from 1917. I found a whole box of old postcards in the house when I moved in; many earlier than that. The box also contained lots of old letters and Christmas cards postmarked from the mid nineteens through the 50s. I love looking through them; and keep them in a drawer in my Great Grandmother's secretary desk for easy access.
#1 is available here
#2 is available here


Connie said...

I love it! I want to make one now. Thanks!

charm bracelets said...

The best tip I can give you while making vintage bracelets is to make bracelets that reflect your personal retro attitude.

Brielle Franklin said...

That is such a cute bracelet. I have a couple Pandora style charms that look like buttons on my bracelet! I can only imagine how interesting this one must sound. Thanks so much for sharing.