Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Outfit: Summer Daze

Skort: A K Mart brand. (I like it because it has built in britches; so it wears without worry) Several years old; I 'm sure I thrifted it somewhere for a few dollars like everything else in my wardrobe. :)

Top: Hunt Club. I love this top. I love the pretty print and the lace and the fitted waist and the whole nine yards. Thrifted last year. I do not remember what I paid but it wasn't much

Shoes: Vintage. Love them. I don't get a chance to wear them much because - well - they're blue. And, not exactly comfortable. It is one of the few pairs of vintage shoes I have ever found that fit me. 

Silver locket necklace: (Holds a photo of my dear (late) Grandmother) Thrifted a long time ago

Silver spoon cuff bracelet: Etsy. One of my recent purchases. I am going to have it engraved with my initials as soon as I can get myself into the jewelry store. You can find a similar one here.

It has been so HOT here in the Southeast! You may have heard about the terrible storms we had come through and knock out power to areas of Ohio, Virginia, Maryland, and other places as well last Friday. We were without power for about 24 miserable hours; as it got up to 103 + F that day. Luckily we have a generator so we were able to keep our refigerator(s) and freezer running, and our well, to water the animals. It was still hot as all get out though. And it stayed miserably hot for days. Now we're back in the  upper 90s and it feels cool!

My hair has been so yukky from the pool chemicals (we've been spending a lot of time in the pool) and repeated washings. I did manage to have it cut shorter for the summer, however. It makes it so much more manageable - no fussing with it before work or anything. Kevin is encouraging me to have it lightened up a shade or two for the summer; and I think I will give in and have it done. I have never dyed my hair before so I am a bit apprehensive about it; but my hair stylist says it's not dying all my hair; just highlighting the top layers, and it will fade away by the end of the summer.

I can't wear a single bit of make up with it as hot as it is; so no make up in these pics. 

Looking forward to fireworks and yummy food tomorrow for the 4th! 

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