Sunday, July 8, 2012

Vintage Button Earrings: Something New and Different

So a few weekends ago the Hubbs and I moseyed on over to the local Flea Market and I spotted, and bought, a tin of buttons.

This is not the first tin of buttons I have bought. I have a stash of several other tins of buttons. I have a "thing" for old buttons. Always have. I remember one of my favorite things to do was look through the tin of buttons belonging to my great grandmother. Loved it.

Anyhoo....... I decided I needed to do something with my collection of buttons besides sit there and sort through them like some kind of greedy Queen counting her coins in her coffers buried in a dungeon somewhere.

So I went out to the craft store and I bought some things that looked like they might work for putting together some simple jewelry and I came up with this.

I also have some necklaces and charm bracelets in the works but I am waiting on some other components I ordered on line to arrive to finish them up.

I have pretty much zero jewelry making experience. And jewelry is probably the hardest item to sell on Etsy. But I figured it was worth an attempt, anyway.

They're available here.

What do you think? I'd love some feedback. :)

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