Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ah, Girls; look at THIS

I got my new "Hopeless Romantic" Victorian Trading Company clothing catalog in the mail today.
They have some new stuff.....! THIS gown is one of my faves...................

.....and this gown. (Just so you know, their "Vintage Tea Gown" was my wedding dress; except for I got it in ivory, straight from a distributor. I love it. And that is an understatement.)

These aren't so new to the catalog, but they're so stinking cute I might break down and buy a pair - except they're all so gorgeous! How could I choose just one pair?!

And this really cranks my "handbag" tractor. I am a collector of small, cute handbags, and this one is begging to become a member of my collection. I love the vintage look of this, as if someone pulled it straight out of a dusty old trunk, or found it in a case in an antiques store; or crafted it from multiple strands of vintage pearls. *Sigh* Now I have to wring out my paper catalog and drip-dry my keyboard after my drool fest this morning. (And start saving my pennies for some of this stuff.)
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Herb of Grace said...

Oh. My. Gosh. I think those shoes would turn me into a felon in five seconds flat if I ever actually ran across them in a department store.

*wipes up drool*

Susannah Forshey said...

Oh, I ADORE that handbag. Hey, I have a strand of pearls from my grandmother which broke. If I send them to you what would it cost to have you make them into a bag like that for me. ????

Hosanna said...

Sorry, Su, unless it was a really thick strand from your Grandmother, it won't be enough. Or unless you want more of a change purse type of thing. Let me know how many beads there are, and I will try to locate a bag to sew them on.
Or, you could get some more strands.
I have a lot of broken strands also from my great grandma that I am thinking of doing this with.
You just have to find a good bag to sew them onto is all. I would do it for you, free.