Monday, July 20, 2009

Too Bad... (or great news? Hee Hee........)

I hate Crocs "shoes." They're not even really shoes. They're gross excuses for footwear. I have never, ever, ever-ever had a pair anywhere near my feet, and never will. To the inventor of Crocs - What were you thinking?! (Or, drinking....)
So it was with great joy and giddy delight that I tuned into a news program the other day and heard about the Crocs company's apparent demise in the bad economy. (Just for the record, I don't personally wish people financial harm. I am sorry about that. But about the "shoe" maybe going bye-bye? NOT SORRY.)
They are: Sloppier than flip flops, if that is possible; impossible to be sexy in any way, shape, or form; apparently dangerous for kids (I remember a story about an escalator eating a kid's pair of Crocs.) ; promote bad posture and carriage; and misrepresent the good name of cute footwear everywhere.
I even found a blog about the dislike of Crocs.
I think the owners of the company should focus their creative genius towards pet prosthetics, therapeutic saddle pads of Dressage and Race Horses, infant car seats, silicone bake wear, rubber stamping supplies, mouse pads, ergonomic garden tools, or anything else.
It is a new day in America! Let's all celebrate! Imagine the prospect of Croc-free life, and go out in support of appropriate, cute footwear choices. Yay!!


Prairie Princess said...

I'm not the only one who thinks Crocs are hideous! Your post gave me a much-needed laugh for the day! :)


Herb of Grace said...

Aaaaamen, sister!