Friday, July 17, 2009

Mary Kay is my latest BFF

I started using Mary Kay years ago when my (then) new Sister-in-law Sherry was selling it. My Mom before me used it...... back when you had to add water to the stuff!
I quit buying it when Sherry stopped selling it, but still used what I had. (The stuff lasts me forever.)
I think Mary Kay is a phase with me, and it's baaaack!
A friend from my horse 4-H group started selling it this year and I am trying out some of their brand-new products.
This is not your typical Mary Kay - they've joined the mineral make-up fad and a lot of their stuff is now mineral based.
Which I love!
Their mineral foundation is light, smooth, comfortable, and looks great. It is only $18 and a little goes a long way, so it's worth it.
Their mineral eyeshadow is great as well and they have new colors. The eye shadow is really light also, smooths on like breeze, and the lasts all day.
I've also love their lip gloss, and last night I bought their brand-new tinted SPF 15 lip balm. So far I love it, too. Sunscreen is really a plus for me with the surgical scars on my mouth. Sun exposure makes the scars really visible so I am always going after anything with sunscreen. (For those of you who don't know, I had some facial surgery following a accident with my horse a few years ago.)
You can see that I still have my old Mary Kay when the containers and compacts were still pink! If I keep them long enough, one day they'll be vintage Mary Kay! Tee hee.
The one complaint that I have with Mary Kay is, they're always changing everything! If you get a shade you love and use a lot, before you know it, it's discontinued.
This time around they kind of made me mad when they changed all the compacts to a new format, so my new stuff doesn't fit in the old compacts, which means I have to buy another stupid compact for all my new stuff. Ticks me off. Oh well. I plan on trying their bronzer next time I order, and maybe try their new mascaras, although usually I despise their mascara.
Well I guess I could have posted a photo of me actually wearing the stuff, but I hate taking my own photos. They did take a photo of me after a facial party I went to, and they use my picture for their "facial" literature now. Yikes..... I've never been so publicly viewed before.

I was trying to take photos when our little "Pun'kin" girl, Splat Baby cat daughter, weaseled her way into my shots. What?! No, she's not spoiled! Huh? No, she hates attention! What would make you think that?! (Scoofs.)
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Herb of Grace said...

Yay for Mary Kay! I just made an order yesterday :)

Susannah Forshey said...

*sniff* I miss it. I embarrassingly developed an allergy to it about 1 year after I started selling it. :( 'Swhy I had to get rid of it all.

Prairie Princess said...

Hi Hosanna! Thank you for stopping by my blog! It's always such fun to meet people with similar interests! I'm afraid I haven't been online much as of late...I moved and don't have Internet access connected at home yet...thus my blog and all correspondence has been sorely neglected! I'd love to stay in contact, though! :) I need to get on that Gunne Sax alteration so I can post pics, hmm? Maybe a project for this week...! Have you been on MJF's forum for long? It's such a lovely site!

Anywho, I must scoot...TTYL!