Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My "Shopping Groove" and Fave Stores

I got to thinking about this today.... my "shopping groove." I usually shop exactly the same way, at precisely all the same stores, and buy the same sorts of things. Unless I am looking for a certain, out of the ordinary item, I usually just do my "groove".
For me, there are four primary "types" of shopping: Food shopping, "girl-time" shopping, "shopping with my husband" shopping, and "shopping with mom" shopping.
For example:
When I go shopping for food, I usually go every two weeks: Aldi. I love Aldi. My mom got me hooked. I get almost everything there: veggies, fruits, dairy, juice, condiments, etc.
After going there I cruise into Wal-Mart. I really don't like Wal-Mart much anymore. But I like to get my unbleached flour, bread flour, fresh herbs, specialty cheeses, and things like deodorant, body wash, and pet food there. Last stop in my food acquisition destinations is Food Lion. I like their meat selection and cuts. And, last week, they had my fave salad dressing, Ken's, BOGO for $1.50. Oh, yeah.
Then there's the girl-time shopping - the fun shopping trips! My first stop is usually to pick up my 18-year old "baby" sister, Noelle. We're shopping buds. (You know- "No, that makes your butt look - um - not right." or, "No, that totally does NOT 'go' with your house. It wouldn't even look good sitting on the porch. Don't buy it." or, "Have you tried this flavor of Vitamin Water? It's boss." or, "What are you going to do with that? You're not planning on wearing that, are you?" or "Yeah, yeah, yeah, 'it's vintage'... whatever.") After picking her up, the games begin:
Salvation Army Thrift Store: I scour for vintage clothes, vintage china, vintage furniture.... all things vintage.
Goodwill: Also for vintage "stuff". We also raid their Bookstore - Noelle for political books and biographies of great people, me for vintage children's books, horse books, needle working books, sheet music and music books.
Disabled Veterans Thrift Shop:This place is a antique furniture haven. They always have the coolest treasures. Also great vintage clothes and china.
Marshalls: Can anyone say clothes, shoes, and sales?! Not to mention their gourmet kitchen items, home decor, and linen selection is usually great.
Ross: This is where I go when I need to fulfill that need I get for new dresses. Any small occasion is a great excuse to buy a new dress.
Old Navy: This summer, they have not once had turquoise flip flops in my size when I have been there. Dang. And I want a pair so bad...:(
Hobby Lobby: (Noelle says, with an exasperated sigh: "I'll stay in the car and listen to music...") I always need more needlework supplies, craft supplies, and their garden stuff is amazing, and often 50% off, to boot! Wrought Iron garden decor, anyone???
Leggitt Town and Country: I love this place. It's our feed store, but they also have home decor, tack, and equestrian apparel. This is where I met Kevin, ya'll! I always have to stop here for horse feed, stall shavings, fly spray, chicken food, flea treatment goops for my babies, and of course all the cute Ariat equestrian apparel. (I got the cutest tank tops there last week, with eyelet lace on the necklines....)
Arby's: HE-LLO! Curly fries? Chick-Fil-A: Chicken nuggets, lemon "squash", and brownies from on high. What more can I say?
Other places we sometimes patronize: Tuesday Morning, Payless Shoes, American Eagle, Barnes and Noble, and Ollie's.
Then there is "Shopping with my husband" : Tractor Supply: tractor parts. Who woulda thought that?... and chicks and baby ducks! I go in there just to oogle over them. Home depot: We're always remodeling something around here, and painting. We joke that we keep them in business. My husband cannot stand shopping of any other kind. Though, occasionally, he goes food shopping with me to pick steaks out.
"Shopping with Mom" is usually done on my thrift store route. "This is a good deal, Hosanna. Look at this. That is hard to find anymore. And it's only $10." "Gasp - look at this! My grandmother had one of these in her kitchen. You have to have it. Look, I'll buy it for you. You can't say no." "LOOK at THAT. Just look at that fabric. That is so you. You have to buy it, that's a great deal." "These are on sale! Get them in both colors. You'll regret it if you don't. Trust me, that's the story of my life."

Do YOU have a shopping groove? Do YOU have fave stores? (Not online ones, online shopping doesn't count.) Do YOU have a faveorite shopping buddy?


Herb of Grace said...

My favorite shopping buddies went away and LEFT me!! So, alas, I now very, very rarely shop anything other than the weekly household necessities.

See what you went and did to me, Sus and Laurie?? No more shopping. What kind of life is that for a woman???? I ask you!!

Julie Bird said...

What did you ever DO with that thing that was ONLY $10??? HMMM? It is FUN.....! Love, MOM

Hosanna said...

I use it all the time, it is a great wok, MOM!I am glad you "made" me buy it.