Saturday, July 25, 2009

This weekend's treasures!

What a productive weekend ...... from a collector's standpoint, anyway. I got nothing "done" done, as far as worthy things such as housework, or yard work. Instead I hit a yard sale and then later went and pulled some antique things out of a dumpster with my brothers; yes, siree!
But first, for my "respectable" purchases:
The Women's Club of Milton, NC (my beloved hometown) held a yard and bake sale to raise money for their projects. I was eager to patronize, as usual. They know they can count on me!
I "scored" an antique 1/2 pint blue canning jar, two porcelain and gold tea cups, two lovely vintage hankies, a hand painted coffee cup and saucer, a 1976 Bicentennial dress pattern, and a groovy pair of vintage French sunglasses with rhinestones ($.25 - that's right, twenty-five cents). I got all of this for $5.00! I also bought a delicious lemon pie.
Then I visited one of the local antiques stores and bought a couple pair of vintage earrings and a 1968 monogrammed broach.
Noelle modeled the sunglasses for me, as she has a much more vintage hair do than me. Aren't they a scream??? They're even marked "Swank" :)..... as well as France. The frames are heavy, almost like real mother-of- pearl, and the rhinestones almost look like bits of carnival glass. They make an awesome addition to my collection.
I'll tell more about my brothers and I climbing around in construction site dumpsters later.

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