Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bad News

Kevin left for work this morning, all excited that today was the big day for making the first batch of bio-fuel in the plant he has been building for the commercial sod farm, Super Sod. He was home at lunchtime, and I knew something had gone wrong.
The president of the company pulled the plug on the bio fuel plant....... and Kevin's job. Yep. Fired.
Here's the scoop: last week, one of the board members showed up to do an inspection - walked into the building where Kevin was working on the plant, and was shocked. "What the (Blankety-blank) is that?!" Were his words. As the day unfolded, Kevin came to find out that the manager of this branch of the company- his boss, Mark- had been dishonest with the company "big-cheeses", and they had no idea that a bio fuel plant was being constructed. Mark wrote all the expense of buying the reactor, tanks, truck, etc. etc. ($50,000 worth) as "fuel purchases", not "bio-fuel plant and bio-fuel boy"and conveniently didn't tell Kevin that he was lying to the owners of the company!!!! OMG!!! How totally wrong! Kevin said had he know it, he would not have taken the job.
Anyway so they said, get this darn thing up and running in two weeks and prove to us that is works. Kevin said, "no problem guys!" and was all ready this morning.
When he got to work, Mark told him that they called him last night, and pulled the plug - they freaked out and said get the whole thing out - get rid of it. $50,000 bio fuel plant my husband built!!!!! Oh and while you're at it, get rid of "bio-boy". (Kevin.) How nice is that. Meanwhile, Mark, the liar, gets to keep his $150,000 per year job.
So Kevin gets to work next week, ripping apart all his work, and then he is out of a job he enjoyed. Yeah, the company will pay unemployment; whatever. And, Kevin is in great demand; people are always wanting him to come work for them; he can find work. What GALLS me is that he was lied to, and led on, and then conveniently ditched, and the creep who masterminded the whole thing gets to keep his job and perks! UGH! Injustice. *sigh*
So, now I have an utterly desolated husband on my hands. "I've only been fired one other time in my whole life," he said to me. Then, "Now I can finally get the hay done........"
We have been discussing our own business for a few months; building a shop and having him do tractor and diesel truck repair here. He can make so much money doing that ....... one place offered him $35/hr for repairing diesel trucks. Kevin used to work for International Harvester Tractor Company, so he knows tractors. So we're thinking about plunging ahead and doing it.
I also decided today that in light of all that has happened, I have to stop procrastinating and get my Etsy shop going!
Well, I guess I vented on you all; sorry about that. I will keep everyone updated on the nasty details. It may be un-Christlike of me, and I will have to repent, but I am hoping that the lying boss gets sacked as well. Then Kevin can apply for his cushy job. Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. Then we can save money and buy a farm in North Carolina!! Yee-Haw!!


Susannah Forshey said...

Oh, wow! What a buncha creeps! Sorry for you guys, Hos. :( It is pretty sick'ning that Mark gets to keep his job. Kind of glad, tho, that it wasn't any worse than a firing!

Herb of Grace said...

Oh. My. Gosh. I feel soooo bad for you guys! Particularly Kevin.... There are some truely rotten people in this world, that's for sure. I really hope he can find some new place to take his super-cool-bio-fuel-makin'-thingy....

Hosanna said...

yeah - we're thinking of trying to get it so WE own it. WE don't own it, they do. That is what stinks. We had just talked about it the night before, and I told him, that if he blew himself up, got burned, or otherwise injured doing their bio fuel, I was going to be a rich woman because I would sue Super Sod so fast they wouldn't know what to do. I'd OWN their butts. Yeah. SO I think that is part of what freaked them out, is the liability. Knowing that if he were killed doing it, I would own them, and the state would be on them too for the hazzards. They just were too scared. Thing is, it is NOT scary - if you're careful and know what you're doing, it is safe! I am exasperated. We were so excited about bio fuels. I think we're just going to build our own and get our own reactor. Hah, Hah, hah, Super-Sod. So THERE.

Gramoni said...

Give Kevin my sympathy. What a sad thing! But he has mounted over much worse and come through more than alright. You can be (and are, I know) very proud of him. Don't stop being excited about alternative fuels. You are on the cutting edge of what's needed for the future.