Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Ok, originally, I was going to post a "venting" post about the ill mood I have been in these past two days. I typed it, I posted it, and then I deleted it. It was not kind, or edifying. I will just say that, sometimes, certain people wreck my perfectly happy moods with the things they say, do, or write. Then I go from loving everyone to wanting to "open up a can of bad attitude" all over the place. But I refrained.
Earlier this week I discovered this charming site through my favorite forum, Mary Jane's Farm Farmgirl Connection.
This is Malphi Style, and I was smitten at once! I also enjoyed her blog.
She also has an Etsy store, to make buying her clothes more convenient for us Americans. ( When I went to her website I was trying to convert the prices from English pounds to American dollars. Etsy is better.)
Just look at that adorable parasol, and the "Positively Impractical Feather Duster"! The dresses are available in several colors; and look great over jeans as well. This is a dress you could wear for all seasons.
Bloomers, smocks, aprons, pinafores...... totally "rustic farmgirl".
It is, however, impossible to layer clothing like that in the summertime around here.

There. That was nicer than venting and saying some things I might regret, after all.
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