Sunday, November 8, 2009


One of my favorite parts of a movie is the blooper reel. So, going through some pictures from the past summer the other day, I realized I had a lot of blooper material. Enjoy!

The famous safety test of the car seat on the tractor fender for having Brendan in the hayfield;

Naomi finds out dress+horse's stall fan=not such a great idea;

And Eli, all ready to go fishing - or shooting - or both? - on Memorial day.



Eli assumes the position.

Ok, ok, let me explain. This was pretty late at night, when I get kind of silly. I had bought some new horse clippers and there was this plastic hairdresser's cape in the package. I put it on backwards like a super hero. Kevin snuck a few shots. Ha, ha, Kevin....

I don't know who is winning here - Kevin or that naughty bad donkey? (We had to rope them so they could get their shots and hooves trimmed.)

Oops. Cisco broke the water pump at the barn..... let's hide.

I am still going to take your picture, bub. No getting away from it.

Overheard this summer:

Alana: "An EGG just fell out of that chicken's BUTT!" (No kidding! So that's where they come from!)
Katie: "Here Ethan. Eat this piece of steak."
Ethan: " But, it has grass on it!"
(The steaks had been rubbed with a blend of herbs..........)
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Herb of Grace said...

ROFLMAO at Alana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!