Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why Not?

Don't judge me for posting pictures of my cats, people. I am not a crazy person. I promise. I just happen to like cats. Really, really like cats. And I just happen to have a few really, really spectacular cats. My cats like to be around my husband and I all the time. If I am working at the computer, they are right there. Brutus prefers the printer/scanner as a napping spot. It is really funny - he won't move half the time, so if I need to copy something or scan something, I lift the lid with him on it, and he just sleeps away! Slob.



Brutus weighs 13 lbs., by the way. And yes, I confess, my "desk" is a royal mess.
My "desk" is actually a board rigged on two file cabinets.
I just haven't found the desk I want yet. Or if I have, it's a $4500.00 antique.
You see my problem?
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Prairie Princess said...

We need to form a group called 'Cat Lady PRIDE'... hmm... :)


Herb of Grace said...

Funny... I had that exact same desk for a few years when we were first married...

Hosanna said...

Post pics of your babies on your blog, Jodi! I'd love to see them..... I am such a sucker for a cute cat.

Prairie Princess said...

Got 'em up. :)