Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pets and Pain

I have been thinking these past few days about the 12 years I had Sebastian; and all the good memories and fun times.
I've also been feeling incredibly sad when I come home from feeding the horses and walk in the door and a portion of my brain still expects Seb to be there in the back porch room, napping on his doggy bed, waiting to greet me with such joy as he always did.
Or when I find myself saving a piece of bread or meat for him as a treat, only he's not here.
Or when I picked up all his tennis balls and put them away. Or when I picked up his bottle of medicated dog shampoo from the sink.


Anyway. I guess I have mentioned that I wrote several comic poems for my nieces when they were quite young. I love writing funny rhymes, kind of like Dr. Seuss. So naturally I wrote one about my dog. Here it is:

"I am a Bad Dog" - July 14, 2004

I am a bad, bad dog.
I have been very naughty.
I have snuck into the neighbor's yard,
And used their green grass for a potty.

I am a wicked dog.
I like to do bad stuff.
My mommy says I am whimpy
But when I am wicked, I feel tough!

I am a VERY bad dog.
I like to eat stuff I shouldn't.
Like garbage, and trash, and anything rotten -
If I wanted to stop, I couldn't.

I am a stinky dog.
I do not like to smell nice.
When I think about having a bath,
I'd rather have fleas and lice!

No matter how bad I am,
And though can be an abomination,
My mommy loves my fun loving heart
And calls me her special Dalmation.

*wiping away tears*............

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Prairie Princess said...

Hosanna, sending MANY hugs and prayers your way!! I know how extremely hard it is to loose a cherished pet. :( Memories are so special, though!