Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More Vintage Aprons


I took my husband's advice and did a little - just s little bit - of shopping for my shop today. I ran into the Salvation Army and ran out with three vintage aprons, a hat, a robe (coming later) and a couple other things not for the shop. The place was packed with stuff for once; it looked like they had cleaned out an entire estate.
This is how I get inventory for my shop - by frequenting local thrift shops, yard sales, estate sales, auctions; things like that.
It takes a long time. Sometimes I go weeks and don't find anything at all worth offering to the public. Other times I luck out and get a great stash.
I can spend a whole six hour afternoon scouring three main local thrift shops. I have to carefully consider every item before buying it. Is it in good condition? Is is desirable enough to re-sell? Can I sell it for a fair price and still make a reasonable profit? What is it's age? What is it's value as a collectible? Is it broken? Is it too worn? What about the tags; what can I ascertain from them? Can I paint it? Can I recycle it? Can I fix it? Can I......
Anyway. It does take a lot of time. But it is something I enjoy doing; I consider myself a rescuer of old things. Like picking up kittens and puppies.
This hat neeeeeeeds me! It neeeeeeds a good home! Just look at those "eyes"..... how can I resist? Poooooor hat.




After making stops at the shops, I make one last stop and pick up camera batteries. The Titanium, or the lithium ones. The camera must be fed.
Such a hard job. But, someones got to do it. Tee hee.
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Denise said...

Hey, those aprons are lovely!!!

Just popped over to your blog from Lisi's! I enjoy your posts, and wanted to say that I would love reading your love story as well!!! :) Seeing as how I live far away, I only knew the little I learned form Susi when I was visiting her in Seattle and you were planning the wedding. :) I love some good, crazy love stories and I know yours must be pretty special.

Hosanna said...

Maybe we should all do our love stories????? Wouldn't that be a blast?!
I think I will have to do it in "chapters" though - as our relationship spanned 4-5 years of development before we decided to get married.

About Me... said...

Hi Hosana! Thank you for visiting my blog. Love your new hat, and especially the hair wreath...just gorgeous. I wore one for my wedding so long ago. Your aprons and the photos are super. Gotta go check out your Etsy.