Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Me Plunder


Above is the fruit of my hard labors this afternoon in thrift stores in town. Three hours, $20.00. Haven't a clue? Lemmie break it down fer ya:

1950's "yo yo" covered pillow. These are extremely desirable to collectors, as a "folk art" type of novelty. Very popular amongst the "Farmgirl" set. I snatched this one off the shelf so fast I'm afraid I drew attention to myself. Then I hid it as best I could under my arm before plunking down a measly $1.00 and practically sprinting from the store, stashing it behind the seat of my truck, and speeding off. It will fetch anywhere from $25 - $40. It needed some repairs.

Vintage cut work embroidery hanky; beige on white. $.25.

Tiny shillouette in a gold frame. Also a quarter.

Next Store yielded:

1950's brown snake skin pumps, $4.00 Exquisite! Too small for me though. They are for the Etsy shop.

A not so vintage black velvet hunt cap for myself. I was going to buy a new hunt cap for showing my Thoroughbreds next season and I was planning on spending $100.00 on a good one. I picked this one up for $7.00! Yay! Crossing THAT off my "to-buy-for-my-horses-and showing-and-eventing-and everything" list. Now I can apply that savings to my new tall riding boots budget. Hehehehehe

1960's - 70's brown corduroy infant boy's overalls. My mom used to put these on my brothers back in the day. $.50

Red Wool little girl's cap with black velvet ear flaps. Adorable. Though, upon closer inspection at home, I am not sure quite how vintage.....? $1.00

China plate with roses and lilacs. Made and painted in Germany. $2.00

Wooden spoon. I like wooden spoons. A quarter.

I also passed up a red plaid 1960's cape. It was amazing. I think I will go back for it. There was also a 1960's red plaid pants and shorts set with a swell top like Jackie O style, with big black buttons..... It was SO plaid though! I don't prefer plaid myself, but plaid is all the rage and vintage plaid is a good buy. I just don't usually go with trends; if I buy a lot of plaid and don't sell it and next year is is out of fashion again, I am stuck with my plaids for years until the fad comes around again.

Anyway! A typical shopping day for a hard working "vintage-ista".
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Herb of Grace said...

I WANT those shoes!! I cannot beLIEVe how you find these things! Ever since you were here I've been keeping my eyes out...but nothing!

Hosanna said...

I know! But they are like a size 6 - or a very very narrow 7. I swear, women were pygmies back in the days!
Maybe I will price foot reduction surgery. Hah!

Prairie Princess said...

Oooh, what fun finds!! The china plate is BEAUTIFUL, and here's another bigfoot drooling over shoes far too small, but oh-so-charming... great finds!! :)