Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Funny Pictures on a Gloomy Day -- Take 2!

Well, that was weird! I posted this post this morning and it was fine. When I looked in the evening, Blogger had eaten the pictures! Aaaargg! So for those of you who didn't see the pics, here they are again.


(As I said in my original post,) This is my nephew Owen, being held by his nanny, my sister Naomi. And as I said, outfits like this should not be sold in stores, or only as Halloween outfits! I guess it's not too bad, but to me it's just - I don't know. Not right. Sorry, Noah and Katie (Owen's parents....)


This is Phillepe - my teenage cat. Not quite grown up, not still a cuddly kitten. Kevin brought in some wood for the fire and left this mess; Phillepe found it, and thought it was a great napping spot!


And check this out! Is that me wearing said Phillepe on my head?!

It's a 1950's fox fur hat I bought for my Etsy shop, actually. As I mentioned before, I set the thing on my piano and left it there. Every time I passed through that room, I did a double take - "What cat is that on my piano?"
Only to realise it was the goofy hat. Phillepe thought it was a great play toy, and fought with it and carried it around until I discovered him and put it away: "We don't play with the shop inventory, Kid...... Mommy is putting this away and you can go play with your other toys." Yes, I have these conversations with my cats, all the time.

I am NOT crazy.

Anyway, I just felt like this was a good goofy picture day, what with the nasty rain and cold creeping in. If you missed this before, I am sorry! It's Blogger's fault!

Y'all come back now, 'hear?
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Beemoosie said...

love your funny pictures!! So cute!
happy thanksgiving!!