Sunday, November 1, 2009

Shop News Flash


(This is a postcard from my antique postcards collection. My earliest is from 1903. This one is a few years later; around 1915 or so; right on the edge of the roaring 20's; but still somewhat Victorian. I will tell more about my vast postcards collection later.)

Since opening my Esty shop three weeks ago I have made 13 sales - when last I checked. Of course I would have liked to be sold out by now but that didn't happen......
I have made a little money at this and am totally excited about it. This morning I slept in and when I got up my Husband met me in the hall as I was stumbling around getting some tea.

He'd been checking our emails.

"You sold two more things," he said.

"No friggin' way," I said.

Then I glanced in at my Pay Pal account.

Indeed I had sold two more things; a hat - which are my most popular items - and one of my (cheaper) beaded handbags. (I have some pricey ones; consigning for my friend Ann.)

"You know what this means?" I ask him.

"No, what?"

"My photos are eye catching enough to drag people in!" (Terrible isn't it? Taking photos purposefully to lure people in to spend hard earned money in hard economic times)

"You're right," he said.

Then he drops this delightful bomb:

"You need to go shopping and buy some more stuff for your shop this week, don't you?"

*Evil Grin*
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Herb of Grace said...

Your pictures are great :) Isn't it fun to look back on the pics you were taking a year ago and see how much better you are today?? Now you just need to learn to use the Gimp or Photoshop and you can have some serious fun :)

And by the way... I sooo glad your shop is doing so well!!

Hosanna said...

Weeeeeel, I wouldn't say it is doing "so" well..... on average, I have sold maybe two or three things per week. Or so. Mostly on weekends. So I guess it's doing better than I thought it was going to do; but I would like it to do even better.
I *just* got my business cards; I ordered printer ink so I can do some other pamphlets and things; I'm going to have a trunk show; and I need to buy some showcases on the website. Then maybe it will be doing SO good! :)I still have yet to photograph some stuff, too.....

Prairie Princess said...

Uuhh...speaking of your lovely Etsy, my Internet funked out in the middle of my Paypal transaction for the purchase I just (tried?) made, and now neither Etsy nor Paypal is showing anything ever happened (moolah-wise). Soooo...if it didn't go through, send me a Paypal invoice and I'll do it again...or I can mail it to ya. :)