Friday, June 3, 2011

Office Before and After Pics; Part 2

Sorry for the cruddy, dark photos. I took them at a time of day when there is very little natural light in the front rooms of my house, and my camera doesn't take good indoor photos without natural light.

 Okay, let's venture into some of the rest of my studio/office/den room.

 Keep in mind: This room will eventually have to be gutted when we re-wire the house. There has been some water damage to two of the walls, and the bead board has buckled.

 Also, the fireplace, which is a working one, has to be re-made into a heat resistant hearth and wall, for our very hot, cozy wood stove.

 What I did in the room is basically a temporary fix.



 The original mantle pieces in the house were, at some point, replaced with more ornate ones. Years ago, when the house was vacated after the resident passed away, the mantles, many of the antique light fixtures, rugs, furniture, etc. were stolen - or otherwise removed - from the house. When we moved in, there was no mantlepiece here; just a hole in the wall.

 However.  Upon exploring in the barns, I found the missing original mantle piece belonging in this room! Now all the original  plain mantle pieces are in place.

After the painting was done, but before I arranged it all


I got rid of the tall, boring, white Wally World book case and brought in a wrought iron, shorter shelf. I have my embroidery and vintage sewing books here, along with some vintage sewing baskets. I also stashed my home made dress form in the corner; wearing a white maid's style apron.

My new slip cover from Sure Fit; it's the "Lexington" one that also comes in pink/red. I pinned it up on the bottom, though.

 This is a fashion plate from a vintage 1927 magazine. I love it. The distressed turquoise colored frame I picked up at a yard sale.

 This is a throw pillow I made by drawing the "B" monogram on an old stained table linen, embroidering it, and then sewing it into a pillow.

 The fire place. I wish the wood stove wasn't in the way but there is no possible way I was budging that monster out of the shot. To cover up the fire place holes in the summer, I came up with this cool idea: a shower curtain rod and a length of fabric. Done.

 I hung a big print of some roses above the fire place; but what I really have in mind here is a large, antique, distressed mirror and frame. I am on the lookout.


 In the reflection in the glass of the print, you can kind of see the vintage light fixture. It's frosted blue glass. Hence, my use of blue in this room. The large white milk glass vase was something I found lying at the dumpster and rescued. (Yes, I rescue things from the dumpster.)


 The corner cross ways from the chair corner;  now complete. The dresser was a vintage Goodwill find, already painted green. Here, I used some pink; which I may get rid of.

 The corner I am not showing is the sofa corner because it is just a blank wall and a comforter tossed over a sofa. Bleh. I need to buy a new sofa and decorate the wall with................... something. Working on that. I also need a room sized natural colored rug.

 So for a temporary fix, I don't think it's too bad. It's tolerable; at least I can work in the room and feel inspired instead of feeling like I was working in a store room; or a dungeon.


Susannah Forshey said...

Well, I'm curious it still technically an office? Where's the desk?

Denise said...

It looks lovely. Love the colors and it's so comfortable looking. I wouldnt be afraid to come to your house and sit down and chat for a while if you know what I mean. Some peoples houses are kind of scary in their decorating. They look picture perfect and very dull if you ask me. I love vintage and antique stuff.

Hosanna said...

Susi - you have to read the Part 1 post from a few days ago; to see my desk.

Herb of Grace said...

I really love it :) I, too, am looking for area rugs-- large ones. They're veryveryvery expensive. Any hints on how/where to find more affordable ones? I'm not having any luck finding anything suitable on CL or in my thrift stores... Have you considered doing some braided ones yourself? Did you ever see the one my mom made?

Prairie Princess said...

Absolutely beautiful! Perfectly breezy, chic & vintage all in one :)