Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sundress Must Have.

During the summer, I love to wear sundresses and shorter skirts. Not micro minis; just "shorter". But I hate wearing slips underneath said dresses and skirts. It's just so HOT! However; with the lighter fabrics of summer skirts and dresses, you're in danger of the see-through factor. Not to mention the breeze catching your skirt factor. Or any number of ways in which you could accidentally expose your nether regions to innocent, unsuspecting passers-by. Ahem.

I sometimes wear light shorts under my sundresses and skirts but often they feel bulky and annoying.

 I think I have found just the thing for this issue:



1950s era "undershorts".

 I bought these a few weeks ago for inventory in my Etsy shop and just got around to photographing and inspecting them today. I had assumed they would be too small for me, but popped them on anyway just to see, and they fit so I am keeping them and wearing them under all my sundresses from now on.

 On first glance, it looks like a half slip; but behind the front panel thingy there is a crotch built in. They're comfy and pretty and I am wearing them under a sundress as I type.

 Dress and skirt wearers, both vintage and modern, take note! Vintage "pantalettes" or "undershorts" or whatever you want to call them, are the way to go!


Herb of Grace said...

Wow. That sounds like an awesome idea! Where would I find such a thing? other than a lucky estate sale, or some such...

Mom said...

Seems I remember those; try looking for "split" slip or "culotte" slip.
One could make such a thing out of something like "lawn" or some other such ultralight fabric, with an old culotte pattern.