Monday, March 12, 2012



A hyacinth bouquet, from the yard.


Not to be confused with Hyacinth Bucket ("It's 'Boo-kay'!"), from the hilarious British TV show "Keeping Up Appearances".

I just happen to love both.

Also, this is my 444th post on this blog. 

That is all.



Herb of Grace said...

Oh man. I just got this incredible wave of homesickness when I saw those hyacinths...

Although, they're GRAPE hyacinths... Isn't it a different thing altogether? Or are they just a variety...?

Hosanna said...

Yeah, they are different from "regular" hyacinths. These are the "wild" variety kind of along the lines of crocus. But I left out the GRAPE part, because otherwise my play on words (names) would not be as "witty". Lol. ;)

paintingpam said...

Totally hysterical!! Love the absurdities of Hyacinth!