Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Outfit: Cop-out.

I was going to post a pic of a great dress I bought and accessorized for under $20. One of my faves....

(Insert pics here)

But it has been unusually chilly here *pouts* and this morning I simply could not go with bare legs and could not bear  (ha ha) to wear the outfit with tights. It was just not working with tights.

Then my morning went to heck with a call midway to work about my horses running freely down the street, so I spent forty minutes collecting the horses back into their paddocks.

Next I lost all my keys - keys to barns, gates, antiques shops, other people's houses, my house, all three of my vehicles, various padlocks to various containers holding important things..... yeah. A friend is coming tomorrow with a metal detector to help me find them.

So, meanwhile, I'm driving with my spare key, and had to break myself into the house when I got home this evening. 

Then I thought I'd show one of my $1 Goodwill sale shirts, and what I wore to take my mom to dinner for her Birthday. But it just looked like this: skinny jeans, plain drapey black shirt, and purple suede heels.

Meh. I erased the pics off my camera. They were boring - even more than usual.  

On a high note: I  did have a nice dinner with my mom and sister, and I did buy a 1930s satin wedding gown with a glorious train on it. For a sickeningly low price.... I love it when the cashiers at thrift shops are dudes who have no clue about vintage fashion, or any fashion,  and toss out random prices on things that defy the imagination. Not sure if it's for my collection or for the shop. Undecided.

Plus I bought myself something cute and nice.....
Pics and more tomorrow. Right now I am going to crash on the couch and cuddle with my guy and my kitties with a nice rum and grapefruit juice.  

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