Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rediculously Excited

A few weeks ago I got a convo (a message via Etsy's own site generated email message system) from an Etsy Admin (A staff person at Etsy's offices in New York) stating that one of my items had been chosen by a photo shoot designer for the website Style Caster for an upcoming photo shoot. They wanted to "borrow" my item; and of course I said yes!

The story was published today, and here is how they used my blouse in one of the photos:


You can see the feature at Etsy's Blog

Or you can read it directly at Style Caster.

Unfortunately someone has reserved the blouse already, so it's sold - unless they back out; I am waiting to hear back from them. But you can look at it in my shop.


Herb of Grace said...

I am super excited TOO! Is it totally narcissistic of me if I feel kind of like your Etsy shop's grandmother....?

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

It is such a fun, cute photo, too. It always shocks me how much effort businesses(?) go to to get an awesome photo for anarticle/segment. Maybe it is becuase I am a lazy-daisy, but all the posting items back and forth, remebering what belongs to who, deciding what you want in the first plce, conatcting everyone... whoa! Too hard box. But I am thrilled that your item was included. Hope it gives your store wonderful exposure.

Hosanna said...

Lis, I totally think of you as my shop's Grandmother. It was you who told me about Etsy in the first place; and you who kept
"nagging" me about starting a shop there, until I did it. :)

Hosanna said...

Miss T Porkchop... It WAS a hassle, and they still have not sent the blouse back to me! But I did get a TON of traffic and "hearts" - no sales from it. Yet. OH WELL.... :)