Thursday, September 24, 2009

Be Careful What You Wish For

Last night, I was sitting on the sofa with Kevin, mellowing out after a civic meeting I attended. (I am a board member of the Milton Preservation and Beautification Society in my little historic hometown that is so dear to my heart.)
I had been thinking about this a few days, and suddenly just came out and told Kevin:

"I want another cat."
"I... Want...Another...Cat."
And funny look.
I didn't say anything else.


Sometime during the night I heard my cat Cosette outside fighting with another cat. I went back to sleep.
This morning, as I was trying to get conscious and get up out of bed, I heard a pitiful cry outside my upstairs window.
I bolted straight up out of bed and ran outside in my frumpy pj's towards the cry.
And I discovered this in one of Kevin's hay bines in the side yard/equipment parking lot.


He is about 8 weeks old. He gobbled up a half a cup of cat food with milk, and slept for hours. I think I will keep him, and Splat threw a fit this morning about it. Growling and hissing at him when they were introduced.

I think I will name him Cheddar, or Marmalade. Any good ideas for names?

This is what childless couples do...... collect cats. I promise, I am not crazy..........
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Herb of Grace said...

Yes you are, too, but we still love you :) And by the way? It's not just childless people who do that. My business partner, Laura, does the exact same thing. She adopted her THIRD when her daughter was less than a year old. That's three remaining cats from a household of FIVE. Two died right before Lillian was born.

Mary said...

My grandson Ethan, who now lives in GA - you might remember his mom, Erin. They now have 9 cats. Erin is not a pet person. I get a good chuckle over that. It turns out the cats were just there when they moved in and now the kids LOVE them. I think Don and I are going to bring one up here to keep our other cat - Emma company. As it turns out the Georgia cat is a boy so naturally he will be named Mr Knightley.

Mom said...

Orange and white cats always remind me of "dreamsicles", which is a yummy confection of creamy vanilla ice cream with orange sherbet swirled around in it. YUM!