Tuesday, September 8, 2009

You might be a farmer IF.........

Now I know where my niece Alana got her ingenuity. My brother Eli (her Dad) of course. It runs in the family. (To see Alana's thinking skills see the post below.) This weekend, Eli and Kevin were baling hay, and they had to figure out how to carry my nephew, Brendan safely on the tractor. After thinking a few minutes, Eli grabbed a ratchet strap and Brendan's car seat and came up with this idea:
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They had waaaay too much fun with it. Brendan had a blast, and even got some naps while the hay was being raked. He's completely obsessed with tractors and making hay these days. He's going to be quite the farmer one day.

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Gramoni said...

I love this! And your (pl.) courageous committment to farming.