Saturday, September 19, 2009

Movie Review Weekend: I'm Just Not That Into "He's Just Not That Into You".

I had heard all kinds of hype about the romantic comedy "He's Just Not That Into You" being sooooooo funny, so I went and rented it and "State Of Play", picked up my sister Noelle for a evening of movies and black bean Chimichangas.



And after it was (finally) over, all I could think was what a waste of a perfectly good $3 rental fee and two otherwise productive hours.

It was almost as bad as Duplicity, last year with Julia Roberts and Clive (be still my heart) Owen. The last romantic "comedy" I saw that was actually funny was last year's "Bride Wars" with Anne (gorgeous) Hathaway.

But this one? Bleh. Whatever. I don't think I laughed one time.

Next DVD was "State of Play" with Ben Affleck (Ben A Flake) and one of my favorite actors ever ever, Russel (be still my heart) Crowe.

Now, here was a movie I could sink my teeth into! Mystery, intrigue, murder, conspiracy, political scandal, Washington cover-ups, drama, suspense....... oh yeah, definitely.

So. To re-cap.

"He's Just Not That Into You"? Big thumbs down, and zero stars from me.
"State of Play"? Two thumbs way up and ten gold stars. I could buy that DVD for my political, military, espionage, violent danger thriller DVD collection. Mmmm-hmmm.


Mary said...

good reviews, thanks.
I have a different take on the "not into you" I didn't see it as funny. I saw it as timely and necessary. Being an old romantic, I remember the days of the -wondering if he likes you or not phase. I wish I had that movie years ago when I was single cause it shows silly young women, which is what I was, that all the guessing and game playing was for naught because bottom line if he were interested in you, you would KNOW it. Plain and simple.
I don't recommend the movie because of the immorality but I definitely recommend the movie for women that get caught up in that craziness, which btw is a great number of women.

Hosanna said...

Right. I didn't like it mostly because of how silly and idiotic the character(s) were. And the immorality. A couple of those girls needed a good spanking! I didn't think it was funny in the least, but did indeed serve as a great example of what NOT to do when you're interested in a guy.