Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just because

My brothers have the most gorgeous kids ever. Seriously. It's because my brothers are so good looking, and they married good looking women, too. Great natural hair is a Pennell trait (my maiden name is Pennell, and of course my brothers are Pennells.) that the kids seem to have inheritied. This post is starring Eli and Sherry's girls Alana and Abigail.
Their son Brendan has blond ringlets. I had blond ringlets at his age too. (Not anymore.) I didn't get a shot of those.
My hair, in this post, is damp and grody from being in the drizzling rain unlading hay half of the day, though.
Also note the "Pennell Nose" we all seem to share...... stubby.




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Mom said...

A child of beauty is a joy forever! My children and all the grands. Each one a precious, beautiful gift!

Hosanna said...

Mom is that YOU?