Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Last Rose of Summer


September. How time flies. I always get just a little sad as I watch summer die away into autumn. Kevin (who finally got a hair cut yesterday) left to go to a farm equipment auction several hours away and was gone by 6 am. I actually got cold after he was gone; the morning was that chilly. Our house cools down rather quick, and even now, my toes are just a little bit cold as I sit here writing this.
I decided to give my blog a little autumn makeover, and even made my own header! I am trying out my editing skills in preparation for opening my own Etsy store. I used some editing program I never tried before to make it, using a inked design I dug up from Shabby Blogs.
It took me half of the morning to figure it out but, by jove, I got it. Once I learn this stuff I think I might be dangerous.
As I said, I always get a little sad this time of year - I just love summer so much. In celebration of my favorite time of year that is quickly coming to a close, here are a few things I love about summertime........
Red Geraniums
Driving down a country road with nowhere in particular to go, with my hand hung out the window in the wind
Going barefoot in the grass
Big, juicy red tomatoes, still warm from the sun, on BLT sandwiches
Walks down winding gravel roads in the evenings
Barns full of freshly baled, sweet smelling hay
Frogs,insects, and birds making noise in the evening
Heat lightning
Sudden, intense afternoon thunderstorms
Home made ice cream
Canning and pickling
Warm sun on my skin
Wild flowers
Sun Dresses!
Sun hats
Flip flops (My mom used to call them "bip-baps")
Outdoor markets
Front porch "settin'"
July 4th fireworks
Humming birds
Blackberry picking
Tubing down the river

And that is just a few things. I will relish every day I can, until the first fire we build in the woodstove; or until I have to unpack all my cold weather clothing and pack away all my summer frocks and outfits. *sniff*.
I will leave you with something pretty to look at; starring my 1948 Homer Laughlin, "Historical America- Lincoln As a Rail Splitter in 1834" fruit bowl in unusual "pink".... I loved how the cherries matched. Go enjoy the rest of your summer weather!!!! :)
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Herb of Grace said...

Beautiful, beautiful...

So, are you coming up in a few weeks? What's the final word?

Hosanna said...

Yeah, I need to come up. When will ya'll be back? When is the International festival?
Kevin's cousin from Mich. is flying down for a week in Oct.; can't interfere with that. I guess I need to email ya....