Sunday, September 13, 2009

My chippy vintage chairs

OK. Somehow I failed at posting a pic of my sweet vintage chippy white chairs on the MJF Farmgirl Connection forum, so for all you Farm Girls looking for the picture, here it is! Reply in the comments here or back at the forum with your thoughts on what to do next with my cute set. There are four chairs and a table. The guy that gave them to me got them in the 50's, he said, and they were old then. So. I don't want to mess with them too awful much.
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Nancy Jo said...

Not sure what to do about the chairs, you seem to want to leave them as they are so maybe a sanding to get the loose stuff off then a clear , not shinny sealer. Or if you have a color theme going on, paint them to match, you know dark red, etc. I think trying to paint a real light color would be hard, unless you did a good quility white paint, then make pretty cushions.
Love all your vintage clothing finds from the thrift.
Nancy Jo

Lisa T. said...

Love, love, LOVE your chairs. I am the chippy queen. My advise would be to get off the really, really loose stuff and then spray with a flat, clear poly.

I've just read your last ten or so entries and just think you are the cutest thing ever! I am so jealous of your treasure hunts, that is soooo cool!

So anyway, I'll be back!