Wednesday, December 2, 2009

An Etsy Shop For Your Consideration

Attention, seamstresses and lovers of vintage stuff! My bloggy friend and Mary Jane's Farmgirl Friend Jodi has opened an Etsy Shop: Classica Gifts and Decor!

She is still uploading items there so make sure to check back often. Right now she has a whole bunch of really cute vintage children's clothing patterns. If only I knew how to sew...... and I do not. Yet.

Check out Jodi's blog while you're at it: Journey of a Daughter of El Shaddai.

Virtual high five to Jodi!

1 comment:

Pattern Princess said...

Aww, thanks! You made my day! :) I think I'm getting carried away with the whole sewing pattern thing, though...I found some vintage apron patterns, and my first thought was "OMGosh, must add to my Etsy!". So I may have to rename my shop for a sewing theme if this keeps up!

Ha, if I'd just USE the sewing patterns myself, I might turn out some real things to list... :)