Thursday, December 17, 2009

Shop Update and a few other goodies

I wasn't going to, but I did: I stopped into my fave thrift shops today in search of some treasures. I got this pair of lovely vintage navy blue pumps; which are now in my Etsy shop. As usual, they are tiny and I can't wear them. :( Also new in the Etsy store is a purple embroidered pillowcase-turned-laundry tote I did; as well as the first of some hair bands I have been creating with NO GLUE. All sewn by hand using ribbon and vintage buttons. I did some for my nieces and had a surplus so I am offering them for sale. I think that is all the new stuff in the store right now.....
I have not been adding much new stuff, as I am working on my Spring item stash and building that up. Let me just tell you, Spring holds many new items and surprises and a totally new "look" for my Etsy! Think "Victorian prairie damsels....."

Examples of why it is a good thing to shop thrift stores: 3 yards of wonderful vintage red pom pom fringe for $2?! I was going to buy some of this off Etsy in the next few days! Pom-pom fringe is now my thing. I love it. It is so vintage. I bought some mini stuff from an Etsy seller and got hooked.

I also snagged this vintage 50's (?) watering can. The Antiques store I work in from time to time carries these for $25 and up. I got this for $5. Mouhahahahaha

And a quaint, sweet, soft vintage white pillowcase with candlewick embroidery and cutwork also. *sigh* This will make a lovely addition to my white pillowcase collection. There is nothing like a soft vintage white pillowcase in the summertime...........

Just thought I'd share! I hope you're all having a wonderful Christmas season. I know I am....! I think I am posting, like, every day recently?! :)
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