Monday, December 14, 2009

I am writing this post while waiting for coats of paint to dry on a vintage dresser I am painting for my guest room. My mother bought the thing years ago when we lived in Florida, and I have acquired it. Anyhoo, I thought I would share another little decoration project I did last week. I prefer making my own Christmas ornaments to buying them in a package at Wally world, where I almost never go anymore. I have so many crafty, "found", recycled pieces of stuff hoarded in the house, and I made up my mind to use them instead of stash them!

I have a bunch of branches with bird's nests left over from our wedding a year and a half ago. We were married in the early spring, and we had a "woodland", "Fairy" type of theme going on. I had gone with my floral designer, who happens to be one of my lifelong BFFs, and bridesmaid - to the Hobby Lobby and bought a cart load of every bird, bird's nest, fern, butterfly, twig, branch, etc. etc. All the bouquets had little bird's nests! But I will talk about my wedding later. The point is, after the wedding, I had a bunch of this stuff left over that I had stashed away:

Cute little brides like this were used in arrangements and bouquets....

So I grabbed my glass glitter, craft glue, paint brush, scraps of ribbon, lace, wire.... I did this on the washer, the only flat surface available that day. :)

I brush glue onto all surfaces I want to have a little glitter; then shake the glitter over the bird. blow off all the excess, and you have a lightly glittered, not over-done, bird. I glued them onto vintage wooden thread spools, and attached little scraps of ribbon and lace.

I suppose you could glue a loop on to these for tree ornaments, but I prefer to sit these on a little shelf, mantle, table, etc. and look at them. I also did some bigger nests that I didn't take pix of. I am thinking of doing a second smaller tree this year with a woodland theme,with the birds and twigs and natural stuff. My mother's maiden name is Bird, and my Gramma always collected and decorated with "birdies". She is in bad health, and I find myself thinking of all kinds of ways to honor my Grandma through little things like this, that I know she would love! And she would LOVE a "Birdie tree!" More little Christmas projects coming up; as I complete them and get pics and have time to post. Time is running short!
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Herb of Grace said...

Soooo cute! i wish I had more time to do these crafty things...

Hosanna said...

But, you said in your last post you were "crafting like mad"....?

Cattle and Cupcakes said...

oh how pretty!!!! You're great at that!

Yeah, the stovetop is different, so, we'll see. My MIL who lives less than a mile away has a few stoves in her place, so we'll probably can @ hers.

I mean, how long can you boil somethin on a flat-top stove for?