Saturday, December 19, 2009

Holy Cow! Snow??????

Snow before Christmas in these parts?! I can't remember that ever happening...... nevertheless, we had a southern style blizzard yesterday! Here is our little farm cottage in the fluffy stuff. Lookin' all cozy. It is toasty inside, with our two big wood stoves cranking!

Lexy was with us for the big event, and we took her walking down the lane to the pond (1 mile one way) in the middle of the night last night! What fun! We went sledding, tried to build a snowman, baked cookies, drank hot cocoa, watched movies; all those fun snow day things!

Kevin had to break the snow off the bales of hay in the paddocks for the horses this morning.

A few of my babies in the storm; right before I put them in their cozy warm stalls for the night! These are some of my freshest off the track Thoroughbreds, rehabbing from racing careers; and getting ready for lives as "normal" horses doing "normal" things. It's a struggle; but it's so worth it. I love them; these horses are my joy; my heart;
my passion.

Just a few views into the blizzard of 2009.......
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