Sunday, December 6, 2009

This is my Grown-Up Christmas List

I am a simple person; I really am. I don't generally keep a list of things I want. I have most of what I ever wanted right at my fingertips anyway. Family members ask me what I want and I don't usually have an answer.
But this Christmas I find I have a few things I'd like Santa to stuff in my vintage stocking.


A farm girl's dream. I love these.


This woman ...... she is amazing. She inspires me. If I could trade lives with anyone, it would be her. She lives on a ranch - an actual working cattle ranch in Oklahoma, she cooks all this great food, she home schools, takes the most amazing photos that will take your breath away; she is absolutely hilarious... She started a blog in her PJs and now she is a author and everyone in the world must visit her blog/website on a daily basis.


And this. So I don't have to prop my pitiful little beat up camera on my truck, or a tree stump, or a rock when I take my pitiful little photos.

I could add other items to the list from my long term save-up-to-buy list; like a laptop, a new camera, a Stuuben saddle, a new horse trailer, and about a thousand various antiques, but I won't.

Besides, I probably won't get these things from Santa this year anyway, no matter what kind of a good girl I am. Because Santa paid off this for me this year, and Santa is out of resources.


Thank you, Santa! I'll talk to you again next year!
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Herb of Grace said...

OMW!! Where did you find those Wellies??? I'm in the market for a pair and those are *kisses fingertips*


Hosanna said...

The Victorian Trading Co, of COURSE! $40.00. They have three or four patterns also! If I don't get them for Christmas, I will save up pennies and get them for myself later......