Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Shop Update - Jewelry

I went and saw the Twilight saga movie "New Moon" back when it came out in November.. *Sigh* Yeah, whatever...... I am not a huge fan of the movies, although I was vastly entertained by the books. I know, I know, call me immature and cheesy...... but in my opinion, Stephanie Meyer has a talent for writing a very entertaining, captivating story.
The movies on the other hand........ bleh.
Anyhoo, while I was being put to sleep by the actors on the screen failing to do any kind of justice whatsoever to the actual story, I was drooling over the wardrobe and jewelry on the girls in the movie. Bella's turquoise and silver cuff bracelet, Bella's rose embroidered peasant top, and Alice's choker necklace..... I was so inspired, I came home and went right away to Etsy, where I bought supplies to recreate Alice Cullen's choker necklace:

In the movie, hers has her family's crest; in all of my renditions, I used cameos and vintage shell buttons; tea dyed velvet ribbons, and lobster claw clasp and chain closures. Now available in the shop.

I've had this ring a while and added it to the shop as well: Silver and mother of pearl inlay. 1970's (ish)

What hopeless romantic lover of vintage treasure doesn't appreciate 1928 jewelry? I chose a 1928 piece to complement my vintage inspired wedding dress. My mom has a 1928 piece from waaaaay back when. I found this very unusual skeleton key broach a few years ago and added it to the shop in time for Valentine's day! What better gift to give than the key to your heart, yes? (Sold)

And this is a gold tone broach engraved on the back with the year 1968. If only all vintage things came with the year they were made stamped on them somewhere! It would take a lot of the guesswork out of this hobby of mine. And same a lot of time on research. Oh well.
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I'll be adding a few more Valentine's Day things this week.
I also added a new section: SALE! Yay for a sale.
I also added to my "stationary and cards" section, and made it into "papers and books"; as I hope to add some little booklets and sheet music and other paper ephemera things in the coming months; in addition to my vintage card selections.
I am offering free shipping on all my jewelry items. (To the US.)
The past three months have been a total blast for me. I never in my wildest dreams thought Etsy could be so much fun; nor that my shop would take off as much as it has! Of course, I would like for it to take off even more..... ahem.
Anyway as always, I love it when my shop and items get "hearted"; also check out my Favorites and see a list of really great sellers and really cute items!!
Ok, I think that is all the end of 2009 shop news and stuff.

While you're here, check out my goals list for 2009 - major and minor - on my side bar. And hopefully, watch it shrink as I check off the items on there!

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