Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Sweetest Gift

My sister Naomi gave me this Willow Tree figurine for Christmas. I am deeply touched.
It's called, "Sisters by Heart."

I was 2 1/2 when she was born, and we have been best friends for our whole lives.

Growing up, we did everything together. Literally.

We have a younger sister, Noelle... who just graduated from High School and is headed for A.) College and B.) The Army (After college, as an officer..... that's the plan, anyway.)

We are close with Noelle as well, of course.

Naomi and I have had our share of differences, fights, arguments, disagreements, shouting matches, and silent periods. But through it all, our bond has remained strong.

While we grew up almost as one person, in the last few years of our lives, we have branched out and found our own paths.

But even on our own paths, we still walk side by side.

Anyway, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Kevin and I did, for sure. I baked, and baked and baked, and cooked and cooked....
On the 23d, Naomi and I had great pleasure in singing in a community Christmas music service with our long time singing partners and BFFs, Susi and Lisi Forshey, where we sang a piece we did about 10 years ago as teenagers in our Girl's Quartet. It was nice to hear that was "still had it" after all this time.
Christmas Eve found Kevin and I braving town for a few last minute things we were after. Then we helped light up
100s of paper bag luminaries in my small historical home town of Milton. Then we attended the candlelight community service at the quaintest little white clapboard church in town. They rang the bell in the steeple to call the neighbors all to the service, where we sang carols, read passages from the Bible, and took communion. I love this service, as it is all member of the Milton Community, neighbors, all together worshipping God in such an "old fashioned" way.
Christmas was tons of food, as we ate at my Mom's and visited with Grandma. The rest of the day we hang out watching movies, and eating the fudge and pecan toffee I made. We stuffed ourselves again on my dinner menu of honey glazed ham, my own recipe of Parmesan - Rosemary potato crisps, creamed spinach, and deep dish pumpkin cheesecake pie with pecan strudel topping... UGH I ate so much I almost burst.
Anyway, Now I have to go do some cleaning and dish washing. And I think I will jog down to the pond and back; or go for a hike in the woods.... too wet to ride today, so maybe I'll hop on a horse tomorrow and go for a gallop in the woods along the creek down at the barn.................. yeah.
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Catherine said...

Oh, I LOVE willow tree! They are so beautiful in their simplicity. And have fun galloping in all the mud. ;)