Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Recent Vintage Buy

Yes, I am a seller of fine vintage items.


I am a bigger buyer/collector of them. I keep far more than I sell.

So - last weekend, I popped into a local antiques shop and bought out the owner's entire collection of vintage ladies hats!

I had been eyeballing them for the past month, and buying a couple here and there over the past few weeks. The shop is going out of business (*sniff*) and she is eager to make deals on all the items.

She gave me the hats for 50% off her asking prices, and "threw in" the hat boxes, and two Styrofoam display heads (which I will paint).
While I was there I bought about 10 hat pins, and some adorable 1950s clip on earrings. (Which I did not get pics of yet.)


I had to sort through several big stashes of jumbled up costume jewelry just to pick out the four or five pair I chose.

Here are some of the hats (The pictures aren't so great; I apologize):


A pale blue bridal head piece. (Or Bride's maid head piece.)

Black velvet


I paid the most for this one. It is a red, white a blue "Uncle Sam" style top hat with a patent leather hat band and bow.

This is my favorite. It is white satin, beaded all over. The veiling is shredded, however.

This is probably the oldest one - ivory cashmere.


This one is like a pile of ruffles with a veil! A little weird looking, but unique!


There were several more floral ones, and plain black ones; about 16 all together.

I loaded them up in my truck and away I went. :)

Next week I plan on going back after some handbags.

I'm crossing my fingers for that half price deal.


Lisa T. said...

Awesome! Did you know I have 3 full sized department store mannequins? I liked to play grown up Barbies with them.

How are you going to paint the styrofoam heads. I have one that I tried to spray paint and the paint just disintegrated the foam. I may try to decoupage it with old sheet music. I so wish you had a store front to decorate, that would be so fun to see.


Hosanna said...

Oh no. I wondered if painting them would make them fall apart.... drat.
I spoke to a lady in the shop who said she got some from the beauty supply place and painted them with cheap gold spray paint from Home Depot; and it worked. Hummmmm. I will hold back on painting them till I find out what works......
I have 2 dressforms that I use for display, and I made one from duct tape after seeing MJ Butters to it. :)