Thursday, September 23, 2010

What Is Your Favorite Vintage Fashion Era?

I always said I was born in the wrong era.... that I had an old-fashioned soul and was out of place in the modern world.

I've also been known to lament in my journal that "I feel like the only pair of boots in a high-heels world".

I separate my fashion era faves into 2 categories: "Antique" and "Vintage".

Antique being pre-1920s; and Vintage being 1920s and after. I don't know if this is accurate from a professional standpoint, but personally, that's how I look at it.

My favorite "antique" era is pre-WW1; right around 1910 - 1912. My wedding gown was a repro from his era. And the movie "Titanic" is a great example of the fabulous fashions from this time.



And from the vintage category, my favorite is the 1930's - 40's.


This photo is from the movie "Australia" which I LOVE and I adore every single item of clothing Nicole Kidman wears in the film. And Hugh Jackman isn't bad too look at, either. And the horses - Oh!... the horses.


A fashion era I confess I despise is the antebellum era; the mid to late 1800's. Hoopskirts are miserable contraptions and I hate them. And I know; because I own one, and I have worn it on many occasions for contra dancing events, and I hated it. My hoop skirt is now at my mother's house in her walk in closet; it is the only thing I did not take with me when I moved away.

What fashion eras are your faves, and why?


Lisa T. said...

Love the Edwardian era. I copied my wedding gown from an old picture. I made it from natual dupioni silk and old lace. I even hand threaded a bajillion glass seed beads for the tassles on the sleeves. I just love it. I wish I could dress like that every day. Too many animals and way too many kids for that...

Here's a pic...

Lisa's Dress

I loved your link to The Vintage Housewife. She is just too adorable.


Hosanna said...

Ooooh - nice dress Lisa! Very nice. I was not so creative. I bought my repreo 1910 dress on line. :)

Catherine said...

I adore the 40's-50's. They were such a fun era for fashion. Of course, I probably wouldn't want to live then just because I'd have to endure the atrocious fashion that lasted from around late 60's-80's. :P

Polka Dot said...

My favorite is definitely 1950's. :-) I absolutely adore the clothes in Titanic!

And...I gotta say that I love hoop-skirts...we did Civil War reenacting for a long time and I just loved wearing one... and dancing in one. They are often awkward and inconvenient, I admit. But so FUN to wear!

The Wingless Bird said...

Definetly the early 1900s. The 1940-50s is a gorgeous era though, but must admit it comes in second place.