Friday, September 24, 2010

Things My Mother Gives Me

I was at my Mom's yesterday afternoon. "I got something for you", she said, walking over to her car.

She opens the back door and there is a big box in the back seat.

Inside, swathed in plastic bags, was a set of vintage violet china.



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My Mom knows I collect violet china.... in fact, I have a whole vast collection of it and she has bought me nearly every piece.

This makes 6 or 7 sets of vintage china for me. Not including all the misc. pieces. I have literally box upon box of vintage china that I never even look at.

But this set is different..... it is an instant heirloom, because of who gave it to me.

Thanks, Mom! You're the greatest.

I should take this opportunity to make a few suggestions on cleaning/storing vintage china: All china should be washed before use or storage. Often, old china will have grime on it from storage or built up grime from use. There's no reason to be afraid to use it once it is thoroughly cleaned.

Place a towel in the bottom of your sink to avoid chips, cracks, and breaks. Use warm water and a grease-fighting dish soap, and gently wash the pieces. Use an old toothbrush for hard to get spots. Be careful handling old tea cups by their handles! Hold by the bowl of the cup only! Don't use any abrasive scrubbers on painted china or gold edging, or any kind of design on the piece. You could damage the piece and reduce it's antique value and beauty. Drip dry or wipe with a soft towel.
Wrap pieces in acid- free tissue or plain newspaper and carefully pack in a plastic tub or sturdy cardboard box. Label the box if you're storing it among other boxes, to avoid accidental mishandling and a big china disaster!

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Susannah Forshey said...

Oh. W.O.W. It's beautiful!