Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Summer Stats

I love summer. I always miss it when it's gone; and pine for it until it comes around again.

Here are a few stats from my summer:

49 batches of my home made potato salad (well, maybe not THAT many. But it was a lot!)

2500 bales of hay, and counting.....

1 new kitten, "Spook"

1 new puppy, "Dodge"

0 fish caught, for my part; though I did try

110 quarts of my own home grown produce that I canned myself (Not including the ones we already ate.....)

60 + days of record setting heat over 90 degrees

2 bffs moving far, far away

1 beloved Grandmother passing on

7 nieces and nephews living nearby to play with and watch grow up

3 awesome musicals my niece Abigail performed in

0 good books read. Bad, BAD!

1 trip to Michigan

2 weddings

0 work done on the kitchen remodel....grrrrrrr

0 camping trips. Too hot!

1 piano set to rights, finally

Not enough time horseback riding

8 hours at the Karen and David O'Connor eventing camp in Lexington, VA!

Not enough family get togethers

2 beloved horse buddies we said goodbye to

Three months-(ish) of living in my own personal paradise!

Now, if it would just cool down a little bit, so it could feel like autumn.

Y'all come back now, 'hear?

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