Tuesday, December 27, 2011

After Christmas

- I did not take one photo over the Christmas weekend. Not one. Wow.

- I always have to mess up at least one recipe for every holiday, so in keeping this this tradition, I made a chocolate Kahlua bundt cake - turns out, you really canNOT trust PAM. From now on I will always take a minute to butter and flour my bundt pan.

- I got all three of the first Star Wars flims on DVD from my sister; and from my other sister, "Th Help" DVD. Yay!

- My momma bought me a steam cleaner so I can clean my vintage coats and gowns at home. Awesome!

- I did not bake a single sugar cookie this Christmas. Not one. On the other hand, I did make about 10 pounds of fudge, butter toffee, peppermint bark, and peanut butter buckeyes. Mmmmm

- I've been working on my resolutions for 2012. The list looks something like this: Waste less. Stay organized. Manage time better. Save more money. Eat out less. Do some strength training......... more to come probably.

- I had my first International blog feature - on this Spanish blog, featuring red lingerie! Wearing red lingerie for the New Year is good luck in Spain - I never knew that.

I have an unexpected 2 additional days off - yesterday I rode with my husband for his job, today I've been catching up on laundry, dishes, kitchen cleaning, refrigerator cleaning and organizing, pantry sorting, list making, and putting away of all the stuff that piles up everywhere.... later, I am off to town to buy some plastic totes for my Christmas decorations. I think it is time they had a plastic tote home, instead of a cruddy old cardboard box home. Plus I want to stock up on Holiday decor clearance sales - woot, woot!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday and I want to thank you all for reading my ramblings on this blog this last year.

onwards to 2012!

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