Sunday, October 4, 2009

Gunnie Sax Parade

One of my favorite vintage clothes stores and blogs, Violet Folklore, is having a Gunnie Sax Parade in their hometown! What fun! Check out the link to read more about it. How I would love to do this around here. Trouble is, finding people who have Gunnie Sax dresses. I love vintage Gunnie Sax and Laura Ashely frocks. My mom's wedding gown is a Victorian Style Gunnie Sax. Maybe one day I will try doing a parade...............


This is not a Gunnie Sax. It is just a random vintage gown I have that will soon be offered for sale in my upcoming, (super secret for the moment) Etsy store, along with many more romantic, elegant, classy vintage clothes!
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Prairie Princess said...

Oh, what fun! I love Gunne Sax dresses SO much...if I lived closer you could count me in for your own parade! :)


Herb of Grace said...

The pics just keep getting better and better! :)