Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Vintage Aprons - another update

The shop updates will be pretty numerous, as I am still in the process of photographing and measuring and posting and tagging and ......... It is not as quick as you'd think. I am trying to do things in batches - hats, aprons; eventually more of my exquisite dresses and evening gowns. But these things take time, and in the case of some of my dresses and gowns, a skinnier model than I! ( Ladies in the "vintage" era must have suffered from malnutrition.)
Nevertheless - I am sacrificing some of my apron collection.


(Yes, that is my cat, Brutus. He weighs 13 lbs. I was trying to take a timed photo and he demanded my attention.)


Orange check half apron with lace trim. ($4)


Little girl's turquoise apron with embroidery embellishments. (Not my work.) ($6.00)


Ecru half apron, size large, red ric-rac trim. ($8.00)

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These will be up tonight sometime. If you see anything you like, leave me a comment and you can "pre-purchase" it. (I put in prices for your convenience.)

*Brutus is not included in the sale of the orange check half apron with lace trim.*

Ya'll come back now, hear?


Mom said...

I can't believe you are selling your aprons! Brutus could bring a big buck!

cinnamongirl said...

Great collection!

The Pennells said...

I may be interested in the little girls apron to save for one of the girls.