Friday, October 23, 2009

How Cool is THAT?!

I saw this advertisement in a magazine for Coldwater Creek's new fall looks:



The red jacket, white shirt and jeans really caught my eye, as a month ago when I started taking pics of my Autumn Vintage collection for Etsy, I snapped this pic of myself (I use a timer to get the photos) in my own red jacket ensemble:


No joke, I took these a month or more ago, before I ever laid eyes on the Coldwater Creek line!


My jacket is 1960's, wool, 3/4 length sleeves; and I took off the faded plastic buttons and replaced them with wooden buttons. I decided not to sell my jacket; I liked it too much and cannot part with it.
The Coldwater jacket is lovely, and costs about $60 bucks. It has a cute ruffled collar and two rows of buttons instead of one, but this is a great example of how vintage looks are very current!
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Mary said...

Cool! How much had you spent on your vintage jacket? But, this is probably not about cost as much as it is about how fashions cycle.

Hosanna said...

I bought the jacket at the Salvation Army for $2.99. But don't tell anybody. (*snickers*)

Prairie Princess said...

You're a trendsetter, Hosanna! :)