Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Vintage Hats: Shop update!

It's shop update time! I broke out my quirky vintage hats and photographed them to go alongside my demure, reserved ones already in the shop. NOTE: I am my own model; I take all these photos using a timer, or grabbing my husband and making him do it. Except for the children, they are my nieces. Anyway I got such a hoot today taking those photos in my front yard with all the cars going by on the street. They all must have thought I was a crazy lady, sitting in my yard, in these particular hats, taking photos of myself! What a laugh!
Anyhoo, these will be in the shop sometime tonight or tomorrow. If you see something you like here, leave a comment and I will reserve it for you.


This one is one of my faves. I am loathe to sell it; I might yet change my mind. It is by "Julius Garfinckel, Washington". Which was a big department store in the 40's - 50's. (According to my humble research.) It is black velvet with pink velvet flowers and leaves all over. Super cute!


This next one is a real dusey! It is covered in little orange blossom flowers and buds, and mini fruit! Bananas, pears, apples, grapes, berries. It has this adorable veil that just sweeps the cheeks. By "Miss Sally Victor - New York". (Another designer for department stores.)


I felt like I was wearing a pheasant on my head for this one! A shock of purple feathers, laced with green, blue, red and gold feathers throughout. Wow! No tag.


This is a demure, understated little bonnet. Black net and velvet bow. This one would look great as an accessory to a gloriously put together "up-do." I can just see it now......

I love these hats! Whaddya think of 'em?
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Pattern Princess said...

Oooh, I can see why the first one is your favorite! Very pretty! And I love the addition of the playlist! You have beautiful music on here. :)

Thanks, also, for linking to my giveaway...I should link to your Etsy on my personal blog. Whatcha think? :)

Herb of Grace said...

I love them ALL!!!

Hosanna said...

Go for doing a link if you like. I am trying to figure out how to make a button. Another friend of mine asked for a button for her blog. I am not sure how to go about that.

cinnamongirl said...

Great hats!