Monday, October 12, 2009

Photo Sampler

What glorious weather we had these past few days! My brother Noah, his wife Katie, and their three children stayed with us this weekend. We had a blast, and we ate nothing that was good for us. I have lost eight pounds in the last few weeks of summer just by cutting out bread, white potatoes and rice, sweets, and many pasta dishes I love. BUT.
Did I eat fried chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, lard filled biscuits, and rice crispies treats this weekend? Yes, I did. Did I eat bacon for breakfast each morning this weekend? You KNOW I did. In any case........


Brendan found Uncle Kevin's trashed Michigan Snowplow truck in the weeds, and though taking it for an imaginary spin sounded like a swell plan. Only in rural Virginia, huh.


I think I named my new kitten the wrong name. He has been my constant companion since I found him in the hay mower. Every time I sit at the computer, he climbs up in my lap for a snooze. Or, he pounces my fingers on the keyboard. Or, he gets fascinated by the cursor on the screen as I click on this or that while setting up my Etsy shop. He loves watching other cats on You Tube, and loves his own You Tube video as well. He is curled up in my lap as I type this post, and as soon as I move, he will whine at me and want me to carry him with me.
I should have called him Etsy. But that is just not a good name for a strapping boy kitten. Philippe it will stay. Here, he was enjoying a snooze in my nephew Owen's car seat. I told Katie to give the seat to me when Owen outgrows it, for my cats. I think she might do it........


This apron will soon be on my Etsy with some others from my collection. Have you visited my etsy store? Click on the link in the sidebar to check it out! I am getting rid of much of my vintage collection that has taken me years to accumulate. You can also win a fairy stone necklace so get your name in the comments for the drawing! I love to give gifts! If you like giveaways, check out my dear friend Lis at her blog Herb of Grace for a hanky giveaway.

Ya'll come back now, hear?
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Prairie Princess said...

Hey Hosanna! Philippe sounds more like an infant than a kitty...I have two like that! I should post some pics of my furbabies, since I love seeing yours!

And do go ahead and link to my giveaway if you'd like! I'm glad you entered! :)


Herb of Grace said...

Ooo, I love the apron pic! You're gettin greally good! Now you need to practice on PEOPLE! ;)

Mary said...

loved your pics :)

Mom said...

What a gorgeous picture! We could do some hankies, if I can pick ones to let go of!