Monday, October 19, 2009

Shop Update: Rosy

I've been adding a few items into my "home and gifts" category. It is hard for me to let my clothes go; but harder for me to allow pieces from my china collection to slip through my fingers. However; I will part with a few.
And while it is very hard for me to let pieces of my china collection go, it is nearly impossible to pry my fingers off my embroidery! But. I have weeded a few pieces out.


This is a little mini wreath I created from paper roses. I have more where this one came from so If you want one...


This is a vintage style flour sack towel I embroidered with a tea cup. My kitchen is blues and reds; this simply does not fit.


I thought these looked dinstinctly Autumn - like.


And these as well - very "dusty" rose and end-of-summer.

Trot over to the shop to check it all out!

Ya'll come back now, hear?
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Herb of Grace said...

Okay, I know this is totally anal of me, it's Y'ALL, not YA'LL. It's a contraction of you-all, and the apostrophe takes the place of the "ou" in the shortened "you".


Please don't hate me. I have issues. Spelling things like that just gives me the twitches.

And the post?? All those roses!!! Aaaa! Wish I had to money to buy them all! If they were blue roses, I'd rob a bank or something...

Hosanna said...

Ok, so I put my little apostrophe in the wrong spot - but you still knew what I was sayin', didn't you? :)HA!

Hosanna said...

PS- the blue roses, etc. I am saving for springtime. It will come, my friend; it will come.......