Thursday, October 1, 2009

Part 2: Moving the 8-ton machine

After the concrete was set, the guys began the process of moving the incenerator the ten or so miles from Eli's house to the farm. They used Kevin's huge 180 hp tractor, a trailer, and our 1-ton dually. (EIGHT ton machine - ONE ton truck? Something was defenately wrong with this picture.....)Eli and his FIL Wade cranked on the chains on one end while Kevin pushed it with the tractor on the other. I stood there and did like Eli told me and held his end of the chain.





This doesn't look too freaky in the pictures, but I was terrified standing there. We weren't sure want was going to happen when it got on the trailer - the tires could have exploded or the chains broken, causing any number of things to hit me, or Eli, or Wade, in the head, or other vital areas. I was really scared, truly.
Nothing happened, and it went right on after several hours of pushing and pulling. Kevin drove up the hill with it, when suddenly he seemed to loose control of the truck, and the whole thing slid backward down the hill, looking like it would jackknife and flip along the way. THAT was tense! Finally Eli came along with the tractor and pushed them up the hill.
We drove in a caravan - me driving ahead to "scout" for whatever might be an issue; followed by Kevin driving the trailer; followed by Eli who was watching for problems from behind. We got to the farm safe and sound, with minor damage to the trailer. After they parked it less than a minute later one of the tires went flat and that was all.
Next installment - Unloading the incenerator - the circle of thinking men. Ha, Ha!

Ya'll come back now, 'hear?
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