Monday, May 30, 2011

A Great Garden Idea

I found this old wash tub in one of our barns. I thought it would be a great way to contain my garden hose and accessories.




Jamie Keifer said...

That's so simple, yet it's a great way for the garden hose to be kept nice and neat. A bit of cleaning might be good for the tub, but that one's just nit-picking. It would be a nice item for storing those outdoor accessories.

Jeremy Beauregard said...

Yeah, it’s advisable to contain garden equipment and tools in one storage place. And its time-worn appearance actually gives your garden that French country garden look. You know they love to put antiques in their garden. Nice! :]

Shona Martinez said...

I love the lively color of your hose! It’s perfect for your garden. :)) Anyhow, that old wash tub is certainly a good addition to your garden. Aside from its useful benefits, it can be a great item to put on display well.