Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My "Problem"....

I was going to paint my office room today, but I hate painting..... so I am putting it off again.... while I deal with this:

 This is our third bedroom; the "loft" room in the oldest, log-cabin portion of our house. We use it - obviously - for storage. When I moved all my vintage clothing inventory out of the antiques shop, this is where I stashed it. And this is only half of it. I did a huge purge a few months ago and got rid of a.lot.of.stuff.

 Kevin uses half of the room for storing his hoard of hunting and fishing items:


 Yeah, we're super tidy, aren't we?





 Everything I buy, and don't use right away, gets stashed in this room. Everything I sell in my shops is kept in this room. Everything I am unable to use for my decor, because of the re-modeling going on right now, is stored in this room.
 And it has really, really gotten out of hand.

And, I don't usually allow the cats in this room, because of their hair getting all over everything - but  I let Phileppe up to look out the window for a second.  (See the ruffly valance on the window? That was a frilly pink petticoat I bought on Etsy for $1 and sewed to fit the window.)

 So I decided the only way for me to deal with it, is to take everything piled up in the photos and get it our of the room. Which I just did a little while ago. I rolled up the awful  green carpet and threw it out where it will get hauled off to the green box.
 Now I have to arrange my shelving to make room for my second huge clothes rack from the antiques shop, and then haul everything back in  and place it on the shelving in an organized manner, so that I don't have to dig through piles and boxes when I need something or sell something.

I promise, this is the only room in my house that looks like this! Honestly. I promise. :)

 Hopefully, I can post "problem solved" photos in a few days! Anybody else have an organizational issue, besides me?

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Prairie Princess said...

I'd help paint, if I weren't so darn far away, lol. Looks like you've got plenty of project on your hands for procrastinating, though! Good luck!

Nice Etsy find, btw... love the valance! :)